Wells Fargo bank in Roanoke AL

Wells Fargo bank in Roanoke AL

List of Wells Fargo Bank branches in Roanoke AL and nearby bank location. Address and telephone number.

ROANOKE, AL, 36274

Wells Fargo bank location nearby Roanoke AL

Carrollton GA
Pine Mountain GA
Newnan GA

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Wells Fargo bank in Roanoke AL. The current Wells Fargo is a result of a 1998 merger between Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation and the original Wells Fargo.[16] Although Norwest was the nominal survivor, the new company kept the Wells Fargo name to capitalize on the long history of the nationally recognized Wells Fargo name and its trademark stagecoach (the company's previous slogan, "The Next Stage," is likely a nod to the company's trademark). After the acquisition, the parent company kept its headquarters in San Francisco. The company's current tagline, "Together we'll go far" also references the stagecoach motif, its customers, and represents the company name itself in a transposed way (Wells Far-go = we'll[s] go-Far)

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